Saturday, 27 November 2010

Happy 16th Birthday - Nadira

To my lovely daughter - Nadira

Have a very happy birthday

Today you may well have grown up

But in my heart you’ll always be my little girl

I might sometimes be over protective

Telling you not to do this and that

All I do and did is just to ensure

That you will not be hurt

I sometimes screamed and yelled at you

I sometimes ignored and neglected you

We sometimes had our little fight

We sometimes not talking to each other

But trust me my daughter

My love towards you never got less even a bit

Happy birthday Nadira. Mommy always pray that you will success in your life and future undertakings.


Rina NAR said...

U must be super super busy kan kak intan..anyway Happy sweet 16th Nadira..

Vogue Mom said...

Huh.. Mmg ah tersangat busy. Ni baru ah ada masa nak update blog.. Hihihihihi.