Thursday, 4 November 2010

Other Part Of Me

Sometimes I just couldn’t believe myself that I am now so like makcik-makcik.. marah makcik2 diluar sana.. sorry ye.. I am so involve into my brother’s wedding which is to be held another two weeks.

When I got married, I let my mom did everything. I didn’t even know how, where and what she prepared. All I knew everything had ready on the wedding day. It goes the same thing for my other two brothers who got married after that.

Now my mom is not here anymore to supervise and do all the preparations. When my bro came to me said that he wants to get married, he also told me to do everything for him. And taaraaa… there when it all started. Keluar segala skills and bakat terpendam.

Person who knows me personally understand very well that I am not the person who I am today. I don’t even know how to arrange flowers. I don’t even know how to make a bow ribbon. I don’t even know how to be creative in arranging or designing something. I am not good in art at all.

But now? I don’t know how but things just come naturally whenever I do this. Surprise.. surprise.. I already know how to arrange flowers and made a bow ribbon! And it all turned out not bad at all. I guess it is probably because of my age? Gosh.. I am getting older.. no wiser actually. Or probably this could be something that I really want to do but only be able to do it now.

This is also something that I enjoy to do. When you cook, people eat. When you do something, people appreciate it. That’s the satisfaction of it. Furthermore probably because I feel as an eldest and the only sister, it’s my responsibility to be involved with all these.

I pray that everything will go smooth. With the weather and flooded in Alor Setar, I just hope by the time of my bro wedding’s day everything will turn back to normal.

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