Friday, 19 November 2010

The Akad Nikah Ceremony - Boy's

Today is THE day.. Yeah the day my youngest brother who we call BOY got married. The akad nikah ceremony started at 3.45pm. After the Friday prayer, all of us got ready and waited for the man of the day to put on his special baju melayu.

Ada beberapa masalah teknikal as none of us actually were good in putting on sampin. So berpeluh ah gak semua yg nak menunjukkan kepakaran masing2. It took almost half hour until everybody satisfied. My bro looked so handsome and confidence.

He actually got chicken pox two days ago. Nothing much that we could do except to pray that he would recover soon. In this case we were lucky to have Adik who did all the touch up on my bro’s face to hide the spots.

The akad nikah ceremony took quite sometimes. The Imam was quite strict. He got everybody in the mosque especially my bro to listen to his khutbah nikah. My bro also being asked and tested with lots of soalan cepu emas. Luckily he managed to answer it all correctly. I felt pity looking at him.

After about one half hour, Alhamdullilah my bro – dah jadi suami orang. At that moment the only person that I wish could be there was my late mom. She must be the happiest person to see my bro got married.

Later on after the photography session we headed to the bride’s house which was just nearby the mosque for a light snack.

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