Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Istana Hinggap

Title post macam gempak je… hihihihihi… Not really a castle or huge mansion, it’s just our so called weekend home and my lepak place after sending kids to school. My permanent address is in Shah Alam and my children’s school, one in Shah Alam and another two in Putrajaya. Every day without fail I send my kids to Putrajaya. It took 30min from my home which of course thru highway where I have to pass thru three tolls!

A few months back me and hubby were looking around for any affordable house around the children’s school. We found one which is quite close to the school. It’s a town villa in a gated community area. It’s a three rooms unit with quite spacious living room. I like the surrounding because it is quiet, green and full with trees with a big lake just opposite the house.

So nowadays this is my ‘pot’ after sending kids to school. I don’t have to go back to Shah Alam and then rush back in the afternoon to fetch the kids. Once in a while in the weekend I will bring the kids to come and sleep here.

Last week I invited my two friends to have lunch here. Actually I wanted to invite them for Raya gathering but due to the tight schedule, I just managed to do it last week. Tapi still cook food berkonsep ala-ala raya… I made Nasi Briyani with ayam – Johor version, sambal udang and acar buah.

Probably by the time Nadira finish her GCSE, we could spend more time here. As for now during weekdays I can’t overnight here as she has school. Nevertheless this house is not being neglected as I come here almost every day!

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