Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Excitement

My brother’s wedding will be next week. I am 70% done with all the things that I have to do from my part. Yesterday my cousin came just to hang out with me and had a look on all the gifts, hantaran that I’ve done.

A few months back we had her wedding and my bro’s wedding is the last in my family and among all my relatives. Semua dah kahwin except my bro.. bujang terlajak!

Today I went to Sri Damansara just to prepare banker’s cheque (duit hantaran) for my bro to be given to his future wife. Why here and not in Kedah? Hmmm…my cousin is a branch manager there and she requested to have the banker’s cheque from her branch so we can have her signature seen on there!

Furthermore my bro said taknak tragedi Abby Abadi & Norman Hakeem happen to them. Ye lah kasi personal cheque eksen je.... hihihihihihihi...

Mmg ah poyo and excited semua… hehehehhehe… Hubby will be coming back too for Raya Haji and the wedding. Yeah… I also hope that all relatives from my mom’s side in Johor and my dad’s in Negeri Sembilan will be attending too.

Everybody is looking forward for this wedding. I just pray there will be no rain on that day and everything go smooth.

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