Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kids Back At School

After 7 weeks leisurely holiday, finally my children are back at school. We were here since during their school holiday. They were sometimes complaining of bored and asking when will the school starts.

All this while they were mostly at home either watching tv or attached with their lappy. I sometimes have to ask them to stop. A few days before schools starts, I have trained them to sleep earlier than usual. It was quite tough at first but they managed to do it!

On the first day of school, me and hubby have to split our task. He brought and registered Nurul and I handled Nabila & Hakeem. After a short briefing, I left them hoping that they will cope well.

When I fetched them in the afternoon, they seems not to be happy and kept mentioning about their old school - Nexus. As for Nurul, she was doing fine and happy with her new school.

On their second day, things changed as Nabila happily went back home and told me what she had learned at school. As for Hakeem, he is still missing his old buddies at Nexus.

I hope tomorrow will be better. Better for Hakeem especially.. As for me, I am back on my routine - chauffeur, cook and all in one package mom!!

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