Saturday, 3 September 2011


Happy birthday to me! I am 42 today. Huh... dah tua ni.. Yes.. at this age some will say I am old and some will say I am still young.

Whatever it is, I am feel so grateful, blessed and syukur tersangat as I am still healthy and live happily. I have a lovely husband, beautiful children and a happy family. On this special day, my family bought me lunch at Chili's.

They bought me too a lovely presents. Thank you to all my children for the lovely gifts.

And not to forget for the beautiful cards. Those words written on the cards made me cry..

On my day of 42 years old, I pray and wish that Allah will give me a long life, good health and prosperous. I want to live longer to be able to see all my children success in their life. Insyaalah...

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