Friday, 23 September 2011

Raya Mood

Still in the raya mood? I guess raya open house still goes on every weekend back in Malaysia. I bet everybody are so looking forward eating, meeting and putting on raya clothes during this gathering. Goshh.. I miss this..

As for us here.. life goes on and business is back as usual. Last weekend finally we got an official raya open house from the Malaysian Embassy. Yeahhh... Actually this was the second raya gathering. The first one was made on the first eid. I went and not many Malaysians as most of them were back for their summer holiday.

This time around agak meriah ah sikit.. The night before I helped out in preparing the food - my section was cucuk daging kat satay.. My first time actually and it was quite thrilled especially part daging yang banyak lemak tu.. hehehhehe..

The gathering started at 2pm - 6pm. We arrived there at 2.30pm with an empty stomach! There were many other foods like soto (special dish by Datin), nasi dagang, grilled chicken, ulam2, sambal belacan, not to forget satay and lots more...

I was also happy to see some of the familiar faces and friends who were still here since the day I left Oman. Dah macam jejak kasih ah lak... Some were surprised to see me back here again in Muscat.

Anyway.. beside chatting and eating photo sessions were not forgotten.. Serious.. dah tua2 ni lah makin menjadi nak tangkap gambar sana sini..

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