Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Skills For Handwriting

Yesterday Hakeem’s teacher gave me a reference guide of how to write a joined handwriting. Frankly I don’t know that this kind of guidance is exist. Hakeem has started writing joined letters since term 1. Hakeem’s handwritings are depends on his mood. Sometimes it can be very neat n sometimes I could not even read the words.

Hakeem sometimes is still unsure when to use the capital letter n full stop. At times he wants to write in joining letters but all becomes jumble n kelam kabut. As usual Hakeem the inpatient n easily got upset if he couldn’t do something at the end will stop trying. I have to get him to settle down n practice again once he got the mood back.

I still remember during my school days, hand writing is one of my favorite’s homework. I will spend lots of time to write neatly line by line. The best part was the corak that I have to do at the bottom of the page. Part ni yang paling best. I would normally draw or designed all sorts of colorful pattern. Kira selalu dapat A lah kalau cikgu check..

Now at my children’s school they teach in different method. I’ve seen Hakeem’s handwriting book during the meeting with the teacher. More or less it is the same like other schools except takde corak2 tu lah.. I am not sure whether they still have that or not nowadays.

Anyway.. I’ve read n looked thru the reference guide paper n my job now is to assist Hakeem how to write joining letter in a correct way. My handwriting is getting worst n worst these days as I seldom write. Maklumlah.. duk ketuk keyboard je.. So I am learning to write again with Hakeem! Wish me luck..

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