Sunday, 4 April 2010

From Kari Kepala Ikan to Bird Park

This morning I went to Pasar Ahad at stadium Shah Alam. At first I planned to cook special lunch today but unfortunately plan changed as one of my ingredients out of stock. My tempoyak at home has finished (which reminds me to take from my MIL at Malacca) so I told hubby, let’s have lunch outside.

So in the afternoon we drove all the way to Kampung Pandan to have the famous kari kepala ikan. We’ve not being there for so long so huh.. memang best ah makan tadi. My rules which I told my kids too, if you want to eat kari kepala ikan n enjoy it you have to eat with your hand – not using spoon. Sampai sekarang tangan still bau kari!!

We really enjoyed the food. I am not good at eating the fish head but managed to finish all the flesh. Kalau nengok ikan tu kena korek, siat sana sini memang ah kesian… hehehehehhe… The one that only left was the eyeballs which tak gamak I nak makan. I gave (in a way force) my maid tasted one side of the eyeball!!

Since the weather was very nice – hot n shine we then went to the Bird Park. This was a first time trip for Nabila n Hakeem n they were very excited. They were running around n didn’t even complained tired of walking.

We were able to watch the bird show at 3.30pm. The show indeed was entertaining. After the bird park we went to the playground park near the lake garden. The kids spent one hour playing there. They were sweating n tired but I know they enjoyed the outing.

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