Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hakeem Did It!

This morning Hakeem had his golf skill test at Glenmarie Golf Club. He has successfully passed n now moved to level 2. The test was done alone between him n the instructor. It took about half n hour.

According to the instructor Hakeem is good in his golf skill but still bit unsure on the theory side. I was there watching him answering shyly all the questions but confidently swung the club to hit the ball n make sure each of it fly up! According to the instructor he needed to hit the ball fly up at least 6 out of 10 n he did it to all the 10 balls. This part my boy ada gaya…

Currently Hakeem only practice n attends golf class once a week. Hubby will start bringing him frequently to the driving range to practice. He is now in term 2 n there are 9 levels for him to complete the course. Well.. probably in another 1-2 years time with more practice I think Hakeem can get his handicap test n starts turun padang playing with his daddy, grand dad n uncles.

Well done Hakeem.

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Baharudin said...

Salam Puan,
Saya Baharudin, currently at Ajman U of Science & Tech., UAE. Was googling to see some news about the late Prof. Iskandar, ex-UPM. I was at King Fahd U if Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran in Saudi when I first heard about the news of passing. In fact, we were expecting him to be at KFUPM when we heard the news. Anyway, I'm really saddened to hear about the late Dr Jamaliah as well. I hope the children are ok, inshaallah.

The reason I wrote is to ask you whether we still have fellow M'sians in Oman, specifically at Sultan Qaboos U, Muscat. I'm being offered a position at the College of Commerce & Economics there, and I might consider the offer for the Fall semester there. If you have any comment or suggestion about life/condition there, it'd be much appreciated. My e-mail:

Thanks & salam.