Monday, 29 March 2010

The Weekend

Last weekend I was in Malacca – balik kampung. On the way back home my SIL informed that she gonna have a birthday party for her children, Maisarah & Uzma.

Unfortunately on Saturday her little one – Huda was admitted to the hospital. She was having diarrhea n vomiting. My SIL was about to cancel but all of us told her to proceed as Maisarah n Uzma were already excited knowing that they will have their birthday on Sunday.

So as planned, we had a party for the two birthday girls. Maisarah n Uzma were so excited n happy especially with the cousins around. After blowing candle n cutting cake, both of them just couldn’t wait to open their presents.

Happy birthday to Maisarah (5 years) n Uzma (4 years). Stay cute!

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Anonymous said...

what happened to nabila's hair?