Monday, 15 March 2010

The Engagement Ceremony - My Brother Nadmin

I was in Alor Setar last weekend to attend my brother’s engagement ceremony. The ceremony was on Sunday afternoon. I arrived in Alor Setar on Saturday afternoon. I’ve managed to finish with all the decorations of the hantaran before went back there. Huh… finally...

So on the day arrived I made the final touched up with my aunty. Well.. after all ready it was not so bad though.. Hasil kerja keras tanganku.. something that I should be proud of.. my achievement.. :)

On the Saturday morning all of us gathered for the small kenduri doa selamat. We departed from home at 11.30 n arrived punctually at 12noon as scheduled. My uncle was the spokesperson for the ceremony. After about 15minutes discussing n both parties agreed with the arrangement, officially my brother got engaged!

I was given the honor to put on the ring to my future sister in-law, Marina. She got two rings – merisik & bertunang. She looked so lovely n happy.

Alhamdullilah the ceremony went well. I am so happy n pleased that at last my brother got engaged. I could also see the happiness on everybody’s face at that time. My hubby n daughter said they felt so touched when they saw me putting on the ring n hugged Marina.

I just wish that my mom is still around to see all this. I am sure she will be very happy. Congratulations to my dearest brother Nadmin. Insyallaah the big day will be on September.

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