Friday, 12 March 2010

The Swimming Gala

Yesterday my two little children – Nabila & Hakeem had the Swimming Gala at their school. Each of them took three events.

Nabila got 1st place in noodle race event n 2nd place in back float event. She was not very confident actually in doing the back float. In the morning while getting ready to school she wanted to pull out from the event. She was scared that she couldn’t do it. After gotten the second place I am sure she’s happy n gain more confident.

As for Hakeem, last year he was the water phobia. He didn’t even want to go into the pool. But this year Hakeem is the proud of his mommy. He started his first event in star float. He actually has to breathe inside the water n float at the same time. Whoever got to breath longer will be the winner. Hakeem was breathless at the first stage but manage to do it a few minutes.

Hakeem’s second event was deep dive collect. This was very easy for him. Both of them later on took the relay event represented their team color.

The swimming gala started at 9.30 n ended around 11.15. The weather was very hot n getting hotter in the afternoon. Nabila n Hakeem were very flat tired after came back from school. Anyway well done to both of them!

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