Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Learner Led Conference - Nabila & Hakeem

This morning I attended Learner Led Conference at Nabila & Hakeem school. Learner Led Conference (LLC) allow parents to discover what the child learn at school. I had 40min sessions for each of my children.

During LLC Nabila n Hakeem showed n shared their works of what they learned at school. They were in charged during the session n the teacher was just standing far to facilitate. This is their second year at the school n I had attended their LLC last year. So more or less I’ve already anticipated what to come.

I started with Hakeem. Hakeem is doing well in his class. He is a creative boy with lots of imaginations. He used lots of unexpected vocabulary in his sentence. I am just not happy with his handwriting. Macam rojak.. If he is in a good mood he can write beautifully or else nobody could understand what he wrote.

Hakeem can also sometimes got frustrated n blew up if he couldn’t do something especially in Numeracy. He took it very determined n seriously which if he couldn’t do it he will get very upset n sometimes cried. Hmmm… mcm sape tu? Kakak2 dia kut… it runs in the blood der….. Apart from that he is a jovial n happy boy with always a big smile on his face.

As for Nabila she is doing extremely well. I’ve got nothing much to test or ask her. I just sat n listened to her explanations n presentations. As I went thru her portfolios of all her workbooks, my little girl is a very hardworking n no nonsense type person. She wrote very impressive stories n all her works were neatly done.

After attended both sessions of their classes I went to see their Bahasa Malaysia teacher. Nabila & Hakeem started to learn speak BM for the last couple years. They can now understand when people talk to them (but not too fast). Both of them speak Bahasa to my maid which actually that is where they started to speak.

So the rest you can imagine. Their Bahasa semua dah bunyi mcm Indonesia. There was one time when Hakeem came to my room knocked n said “Buk… permisi buk… bole saya masuk?” Hahahahaha…I am now slowly teaching them to speak the right way. They normally did a direct translation like Hakeem always said “Kak Karsih.. tolong buat susu sikit panas” “Wah hebatnya.. mari mari lihat ini”

Hakeem is more eager to learn n speak where else Nabila only speaks if she feels she needs to. But surprisingly Nabila can speaks good Bahasa. Anyway their BM teacher said they are doing great in their classes.

After that I went to their music session n Nabila showed me what she learned during her music lesson. I also have spoken to their Agama teacher n got a good feedback too from the Ustaz.

That’s the end of my half day. I am happy n proud with both of their progress n always hope n pray that they will sustain n succeed in their next years to come.

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