Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Couldn't Say NO To Seafood

I love seafood. I am actually allergic to seafood when I was young – probably at the age of 8. Whenever I ate prawns, squids or crabs I will started scratching all my body. I had the itchiness all over my body n the rashes n reddish that called kelopak garam appeared all over me. Sometimes my eyes n lips swelled.

Since that I slowly stopped eating seafood. After years stopped when I was teenager I tried again n I intermittently had the itchiness. Stubbornly n couldn’t resist the temptation I just eat whenever I wanted to n don’t care about having the swollen face. I don’t know how but after a while it seems that the allergic just went off till now.

The best seafood place that I’ve eaten was in Kota Kinabalu. The seafood there was so fresh n they cooked n served it deliciously. You can just eat the seafood itself like that without any rice. No wonder there were many tourist from overseas like Japan, China or Korea came to KK just to eat the seafood.

Seafood in East Malaysia is different from here in West. I’ve seen different kinds of snail which I didn’t dare to try n also the soft shell crab. Probably we could find in some restaurant here in KL but in West Malaysia is more famous n saleable. Likewise in East Malaysia most of the restaurant now sells kingcrab (belangkas). Some say it is so tasty but I just don’t dare to try it too.

During our recent trip to Kuching we went to the famous seafood place called TopSpot. It is located on the top ground of the parking lot building. Over here u can see rows of halal seafood restaurant. Excitedly we ordered big freshly prawns, soft shell crab n fish. Not to forget also our favourite local vegetable MIDIN goreng belacan. Ni memang ditunggu tunggu…

There were lots of people probably local n also tourist. The price was not so bad n all of us eat till we drop. Hahahaha.. Giler betul makan ikut nafsu….

Whenever I go back to Kedah I like to eat seafood at Kuala Kedah n sometimes drive to Kuala Perlis. Well.. talking about eating especially seafood will never be end of story. Maybe one day I will make a trip to KK again just to eat the seafood!

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Anonymous said...

been there - TOPSPOT n my favorite, buttered prawn n pucuk midin ... cant forget the taste.

luckily now i found one chinese muslim restaurant in seri manjung (perak) that serves buttered prawn which at par whith those in topspot.