Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fascinating Moments at Sarawak Cultural Village

Today after breakfast we went to Sarawak Cultural Village. It was about 45min journey from the hotel. It is located on the foothills of legendary Mount Santubong. The entrance fee for adult is RM60 n children RM30. It sounded costly but it was worth a visit.

The Cultural Village comprises a unique collection of authentic traditional buildings. Known as the "Living Museum" the Cultural Village portrays the distinct cultures of Sarawak’s many ethnic groups. Our first visit was the Rumah Bidayuh. We experienced walking on the tiny steep bamboo bridge. Sape pakai kasut tinggi memang tak lepas ah nak naik jambatan ni.

This was an exciting experience for me n the kids. Nadira was over excited till she dropped her passport on the ground. Lucky we were nearly to the end. At the Bidayuh house we got to see the people wearing their costume making bamboo where u can put coins inside n also the process of separating padi to be rice.

Next we went to the Iban house. I like the Iban house as it is so spacious. We got to see people demonstrating cooking kuih rose/loyang n kuih karas (I forgot what do they call of this kuih in Sarawak). Tempted looking at it Nabila wanted to tried out n we bought a few pieces.

Next stop was the Penan house. This is the smallest house/hut among all the houses. We got to meet the handsome n sexy Penan guy :). Each of us except me tried out using the blowpipe. Unexpectedly Hakeem blew it so far n almost hit the target.

The weather was getting hotter n all of us sweating n we continued our visit to the Ulu house. The house is very tall n we use the special kind of stairs which is so small n high. We met the Ulu guy played the traditional musical instruments.

Next we stopped at the Melanau house. Melanau people are different from others as they eat sago in preference to rice. We went to see the place where they made sago n tabaloi.

The last two house were Rumah Melayu n Rumah Cina. The house, designs are almost the same the Melayu n Chinese in other places. When we reached there they were performing the traditional Malay dancing.

After about 2 hours walking all of us were very tired, sweaty n thirsty. I was glad that we managed to visit all the houses. The last stop is to watch the cultural show in the auditorium. We arrived a bit late n the show has started. The auditorium was packed n we didn’t get the seat but still all of us enjoying the show.

We had our lunch there n tried the local cuisine. All of us were really enjoying our day here. Nabila n Hakeem was very enthusiastic n asked lots of questions. This was really a true experience for them. We were here for a half day n it was really a fascinating moments to all of us.

I am sure all the Sarawakians are proud of their own special culture n ethnic.

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