Friday, 12 February 2010

The Sun Still Shines

For the last past week I’ve back to my normal routine. Nothing interesting lately. Mood swing.. sometimes up n sometimes down that made me have no desire to touch my lappy. Anyway.. life goes on..

This week my children’s school is busy with the CNY concert n preparation. I didn’t volunteer any help coz dah ramai sangat mak2 yg rajin membantu. Otherwise I just stay at home do the norm thing.

Yesterday I attended the CNY concert at the school. It was quite grand this year. Probably sponsored by toke toke at the school. Nabila n Hakeem took part in recital the Chinese poem.

Today the lion dance group came to the school to perform the dance. Hakeem who at first was scared enjoyed the loud n energetic show.

There will be a long holiday next week n we all going back to Kedah..

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