Friday, 5 February 2010

Bandung - Paris Van Java

Now only I have time to touch my lappie. I was very busy since came back from Bandung as my relatives were still here. I came back from Bandung on Monday night n well.. one word to describe about Bandung – heaven….. shopping heaven…:) During the early 20th century Bandung was known as “Paris van java” or the Paris of Java. It was probably because of the place is a shopping paradise like Paris. Nobody knows who gave the name but it is now synonym to Bandung.

The moment we arrived at the Bandung airport, took a taxi to the hotel, solat had lunch n zoomed to Pasar Baru. Pasar Baru is a unique place very famous in Bandung as the center for nearly all of your garment-shopping needs. Plenty of textiles, batiks and clothes in cheap and moderate prices are available.

To go to Pasar Baru took us nearly an hour. The traffic in Bandung was bad – always jammed. The driver there just drove their vehicles according to their own rules. Mengucap panjang we all dalam van..But once we reached Pasar Baru hilang segala sakit kepala jam dalam van.

Our first target was the textiles shops. There were lots kinds of textiles from chiffon, lace, cotton n more. The prices are much way cheaper. I am comparing the prices from Gulatis, Euro Moda or Jakel. If the price of lace in KL per meter – RM100 here in Pasar Baru u can get RM37 per meter – the same material n design. Huh.. memang mabuk kecubung semua yg gi..

Even I am not a kind of person wearing lace pun terpedaya.. I just can’t resist of not buying it. It was so cheap n beautiful. My aunty borong sakan.. We spent 2 days in Pasar Baru as the shops were closed at 5pm daily. On the first day we just managed mengkayakan satu kedai saja.

The next early morning the expedition continued.. My aunty bought wedding cards. The price of card here RM1 is equal to RM4 in Malaysia. I saw many samples wedding cards bought by Malaysian. We can even print out the details in the card n once ready it will be sent to the hotel.

After the cards, we continued back with the textiles shops. Tak habis lagi nak sambung dari smlm.. After that we bought telekung. Telekung here mmg murah.. If u were to buy in Hajaba or makcik2 kat kampung who sells RM200, in Bandung here the cost is only RM75! Segala jenis from the plain one to sulam goyang n even for hantaran.

Besides textiles, telekung in Pasar Baru here also sells clothes, tudung, batik n local snacks. The place was really crowded as it is famous not just to the tourist but also local. On the weekend people from Jakarta loves to come to Bandung for shopping too.

There goes my one-half day at Pasar Baru n berjuta-juta dah duit habis. Cewah… first time dapat pegang duit berjuta2 dalam tangan ni.. On the third day we spent our time at the Factory Outlet. There are many factory outlet here in Bandung located at different stretch of roads. Our first stop was at Rumah Mode.

The moment I stepped in Rumah Mode – sesak nafas jap.. Not because of the place or crowded people. We arrived there early n still not many people but I was like teruja n excited to see all the clothes here. We said to each other.. calm down.. take it easy.. then we split to explore the place.

The factory outlet shops were more convenience n comfortable. The places were just like a mall, modern, a-conditioned compare to Pasar Baru. It sells various types of branded clothes (GAP, AX, Esprit, Ed Hardey more..) n seriously all you can get as cheap from RM10. Tunggu lagi??..

Anyway I just managed to snap photos before entered the Rumah Mode as after that dah tak ingat my camera.. Its true like some said Bandung without going to factory outlet is like Paris without going to Eiffel. hehehehe.. Though it was raining on that day but demi shopping semua sanggup meredah segala kepayahan..

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