Friday, 5 February 2010

Bandung - what can i say?

If you were to ask me how’s Bandung? Best tak? My answer will be… memang best.. It is a shopping paradise for us, woman. I’ve been to Dubai, Paris, London even Haadnyai n nothing can beat Bandung in terms of price.

If u are a textile lovers mmg jadi tak keruan bila gi sana. I guess if I were still working I would borong all the textiles there. If you like to make baju kurung from lace like artis2 n mak datin2.. this is the place. It is so cheap. If anybody wants to get married this is also a good place for investment. Tak yah jauh2 gi dubai cari kain lace.

Then if you are branded clothes lovers this is the place too. The branded items here are the export goods n the material are the same as the original. It is not like the one you found in Siam or Thailand. It is so cheap n they have variety kinds of brand.

As for the food.. in Bandung is easy to find halal food. Don’t eat yg jual tepi jalan which I think sape nengok pun tak lalu.. Choose any good big restaurant. We had lunch nasi padang at Simpang Raya restaurant, 7 of us makan mcm nak pecah perut cost not even RM100.

Every night I n my cousin will walk to the nearby Mall from the hotel – Paris Van Java Mall. Over here I could see the different scenario of people in Bandung. There are modern rich people. This mall is like The Curve or Pavilion here in KL. There have long stretch of restaurants n pubs. We would normally stop by for coffee at starbucks or waffles.

On our last night here in Bandung we went to have foot massage. We took the 90min package n it only cost 65ribu (RM24). The place is nearby to Sukajadi Hotel, called ZEN. This was the first place I’ve ever been that was so cosy n modern. The chair was equipped with individual TV, deemed light n I was being treated like a queen. I had my foot scrubbed, massaged n wallaaa…. It was indeed good.. (after penat lelah menapak shopping!)

I spent 4 days/3 nights in Bandung. Initially each of us has one bag came to Bandung n going back to Malaysia, semua beg beranak.. Not us alone but almost everybody I saw at the airport. I would like to go again there bringing hubbby n kids. I’ve started looking for cheap flight to go there again!

All I can say - Bandung is solely for shopping. If u were to bring RM1k still u can shopping more than enough..


Rina NAR said...

wa syoknya kak (what should i address u) hihi g bandung...
My husband pun klo pegi boleh gila bayang apakan lg org prmpuan kan...:)

Anonymous said...

will be going to bandung this school holiday but not taking any package. main redah je sbb pegi berdua n not in group. we will be staying at sukajadi hotel.

but now we have some concern on taxi or angkutan - which one is better - engage for one whole day or depends on trip? any advice?