Sunday, 21 February 2010

Not My Day

While I was replacing the air freshener bottle which I did it on my dining table, I accidently dropped the bottle. I thought I had broken the bottle or damaged my dining table but something else actually happened.

I didn’t realize it until I received a phone call. When I rushed to my phone I saw that my phone screen was blank n cracked. Damn! I’ve dropped the bottle on my precious hand phone. I can still receive calls or dial out except I will never know who’s the caller or read any sms.

Luckily there is one spare hp (my son’s) that I can temporarily use. Turun taraf ah kejap.. from Nokia E66 I am now using Nokia zaman tok kaduk. To make it worst when I transferred the card I didn’t save any contacts in my SIM card!

Arrgghhhhh.. I wish I could blame somebody n throw my anger towards the person. But the only person to be blamed is ME n ME n ME. I thought I had transferred the contacts but I forgot when I upgraded my SIM card from prepaid to postpaid. Huh.. padan muka.. careless sangat!!

After one hour rodek sana rodek sini n lucky that I still keep the Nokia CD, I managed to install the Nokia PC Suite n Alhamdullilah I could view all my contacts. But the problem is I am now finding ways how to print or copy all the contacts without me have to write down one by one. I have total of 335 contacts n I am not going to sit in front of my lappie doing this.

I love this phone so much. I’ve used Samsung, LG n even IPhone but I still prefer this Nokia. Hubby was trying to kenen2 his hp to me so that he could buy his new one! Sorry der… I tak suka lah phone u…

At this moment I am so frustrated.. Arrgghh... tensionnya!! Hmm…. Now nak kena check balik dlm purse cukup ke tak duit nak beli hp baru!!!

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