Friday, 5 February 2010

MtTangkuban Perahu - Bandung

On our last day here in Bandung n after duit semua dah berjuta2 habis… we decided to visit (not shopping place) but the famous Mountain Tangkuban Perahu (local Sundanese dialect). Tangkuban means upturning of a boat. If u see the picture below the mountain looks like a flipped boat.

Tangkuban perahu is a volcano, 28 kilometers north of Bandung which took about one half hour journey from our hotel to reach the top of the mountain. The road was windy n along the journey I could see small villages, farms n tall trees. The moment I stepped out of the MPV, I could feel the cool and windy air blowing towards my face. This reminds me of Genting or Cameron Highlands. It was cool n beautiful.

Within a few seconds later, several Indonesian man rushing to us to sell their souvenirs. Everywhere we go, there will be peminat2 paparazi dtg nak jual itu ini.. They will stop tailing behind you until either u buy something from them or after many time said NO.

There are still active volcano around which can be explored n open to public. Though the mountain appears peaceful, mild eruptions occurred in 1969, when Kawah Ratu spewed ash and barrages 500 m high. As recently as September 1992 it was closed to the public for a few days because unusually high seismic activity leads volcanologists to fear a new eruption. On the mountain's northern flank is an area called Death Valley, so named for its frequent accumulation of poisonous gases. I could smell the smelly gassy on the mountain.

This place is a popular tourist attraction n beside shopping this place should also be in the list n worth for a visit.

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