Wednesday, 17 February 2010

In Alor Setar

I was in Alor Setar since last Saturday. We departed from Shah Alam at 9am. The traffic was quite bad at certain area. The weather in North was extremely hot.. One of the reasons I went back to Alor Setar besides visiting my parents was to see my youngest bro future wife.

Huh.. finally he let us see his precious one. Macam Bung Mokhtar ah pulak nak berahsia2.. :). We had lunch at my auntie’s house n his girl friend came over. After a few interrogations the girl passed with the flying colors! I am very happy for my brother.

On the following day my bro’s gf came to see my dad.. My dad was very happy. Ye lah… dah lama duk suruh kahwin adik I ni… duk berahsia sangat.. At last he found his life partner. The engagement ceremony will be in March n follow by wedding in December, Insyaalah..

As usual during our stay in Alor Setar is eating marathon.. As usual nasi royale is in the list. This time around my bro brought us to taste the kuetiaw kerang cooked using dapur arang. The kuetiaw was not so bad n I could taste the aroma of the charcoal. Nevertheless I still prefer kuetiaw kat PKNK tu..

Today we are going back to Shah Alam n hopefully the traffic is good. We will be back soon next month for my bro ceremony.

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