Friday, 26 February 2010

In Kuching, Sarawak

I n my family are currently in Kuching, Sarawak. We got the cheap flight tickets booked since last year. We arrived here around 3.00pm. Upon arriving at the airport while handed the passport at the Immigration counter hearing the Sarawakian speaking reminded me a lot of my days when we were staying in Miri n our Sarawakian friend – Aji, Rohaya. Huh.. rindu gilak kamek!

We then non-stop talking about our good time in Miri n dah start ah semua madah Sarawak.. After checked in at the hotel n took a short rest our expedition began. The last time I was in Kuching was 16 years ago. I was still solo at that time. I was in Kuching for almost a month giving IT training to all the Sarawak BBMB (CIMB) branches.

I still remember some of the landmarks n area in Kuching town. So confident sikit lah nak jadi tourist guide to my family. Our hotel is just a walking distance to the famous Waterfront. We walked to the nearby shops n strolled along the Waterfront.

The weather was quite nice n breezy. While walking around I saw lots of shops n stall along the street selling kek lapis. Curiously I went in to one of the shop. Saja ah nak nengok2. I asked my children to test the cakes. The shops sell different flavours n prices of cakes depends on the ingredients used.

After so many testing here n there I bought one cake – kena lah beli pasal dah duk tanya banyak sangat.. Once out I asked hubby n children what do they think of the cake. The feedback was – mommy punya kek lapis lagi sedap! I tested the cake too n true it tasted bitter probably because of too much preservative. Some more it tasted so plain though the colors n types are different.

We then went to the shops selling souvenirs n crafts. Many shops were closed as today is a public holiday. After 3 hours walking around we then headed back to the hotel. The kids were complaining tired n just wanted to go back to the hotel. As everybody tired tonight we just had dinner in the room.

There goes one day of our stay in Kuching. Tomorrow we will be going to the Cultural Village for more exciting experience.

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