Sunday, 7 March 2010

My Mom's Wish

My youngest brother finally told us that he wants to get married. All of our family always asked him before this when he wants to get married as he is now 30years old. Finally hati dia terbuka agaknya.. My recent trip back to Alor Setar was to meet our future new member in the family.

My late mom was very close to my youngest brother as he is the only one who stayed with her as the others working in KL. My mom told my brother, kept telling actually that if he wants to find a wife – find a teacher (preferable graduated with a Degree).

My bro kept her word n he found a teacher specifically like my mom asked him too. Though my mom is not around anymore I am sure if she knows about this she will be proud n smiling at him. My dearest mom probably knew that she won’t be around when my bro is getting married, already prepared n bought an engagement n wedding diamond rings long time ago before she passed away. I guess perhaps she bought those since my brother was in secondary school.

Being the eldest n the only girl in the family my mom asked me to keep the rings. I in fact have forgotten how the rings look like until I took it out to have a look at it. The rings are so beautiful which to me it looks so classic n it really suits my mom’s future daughter in-law.

Except that the ring that my mom bought are too big. Probably my mom thought that my bro will get married dgn org montel2..Anyway I’ve gone to the shop to get the rings adjusted. This coming Sunday is the engagement ceremony. I am now preparing all the hantaran to be given to the girl’s side. Tak ah terror n berbakat pun but boleh lah…

I wish my mom is still around. I am sure she will be the busiest person preparing all of this like what she did to all of us when we got married. My dad just talked to me this afternoon about my bro E-day n all of us are looking forward to it.

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