Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Room on the Broom

This week is the last week of term 2 for my children’s school. They will be having two weeks break next week. How time flies very fast. I feel it is just a while that all of them started their new year of schooling.

Nadira just finished her 2nd term exam n now busying with her sports day where as this week at Nabila, Hakeem school are having a book week. There is a reading workshop n they have to bring their books to read n share with their classmates.

Last week Nabila performed a show titled The Gruffalo n this week, today was Hakeem’s. It is a story adapted from a book – Room on the Broom. Hakeem has been selected to be a red dragon. As usual Hakeem is good on stage. He acted confidently n said out loud the scripts.

This coming Friday they have a book character parade. They have to dress up as a book character. I actually don’t want to spend any money on buying costumes for this parade. Maybe I’ll think of something that they already have in the closet.

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