Tuesday, 13 April 2010


TIMOR… that’s the name of our cat. I am not a cat person. I don’t hate cats but I just don’t like cats. I don’t know why but cats are just not compatible with me. When I got married my hubby had a cat named TIMOR too. After sometimes I tried to get along with the cat but I just failed. I made a mean decision asked hubby to send the cat away.

Hubby sent the cat to kampung n after awhile the cat died. This was long long time many years ago. When I started having children, my children started asking for pets which of course cat. And of course I said NO. Their first pet was fish then rabbit n tortoise. The problem was they only love to play with the pets but ignored the cleaning part.

All the pets didn’t last long n all of them died. Hubby n kids still didn’t give up on n on membuat pakatan asking me to have cat at home. Last year during ramadhan we went to a pet shop in Putrajaya. This where the story began how we have Timor. The kids were very excited begging me to have the cat. Well.. I don’t know how n why I at last said Yes to them BUT of course with a few strict conditions.

I told them at any time the cat cannot enter the house n all of them including hubby are responsible in cleaning up the cat’s cage n litter. Deal agreed n till now they keep their words. Timor was 4 months when we bought him. He is a half Persian long hair breed. He is a very good cat n so manja, friendly with everybody including strangers.

We started letting him out from the cage when he was 6 months old. Huh.. panjang langkah kaki dia. He went out in the morning n came back when maghrib time. Sometime my maid n children had to look for him. A month ago there were 3 stray dogs lingered around our neighborhood. Timor was attacked by these dogs. The dogs strangled his neck n feet. We were told about this by our neighbor.

That evening we brought him to vet clinic n he had to be admitted for 3 days. Lucky there was no broken bones except terseliuh. That’s why his feet needed to be bandaged n had to be in the cage all the time. After the incidents Timor don’t dare to go far from the house. Whenever he heard dogs barking he will run for his life.

He is in trauma n probably learned from what happened. Timor is not a street smart cat. He is so manja n adorable. And me? I am starting to like Timor. Believe it or not I still haven’t n couldn’t touch n caress him. Maybe not yet. But I do love him. I don’t do all the cleaning stuffs but bought his food n other stuffs. I sometimes worried when he didn’t get back home or sick.

Well…. Kasih sayang tak semestinya kena pegang2 dan belai2 kan? I know Timor knows that I love him.

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