Thursday, 29 April 2010

When I Dream Of My Mom

Last night I dreamt of my late mom. These past few weeks I always dream of her. For the first few years after my mom passed away I always dreamed of her coming to me alone – only me n her. She was looking staring at me without saying any words.

Then the dreams kept changing. I dreamt of my mom in the crowd of my family. For example like when I was talking to my dad then my mom suddenly appeared and joined the conversation. There was also one time she was joking with all of us.

Last couple weeks every Wednesday night I dreamt of my mom. I don’t know whether this was a coincidence but it happened consecutively n it was just like real. Last night was about my mom wanted to go for a holiday. In the dream my aunty told her that my uncle is going to Macau n invited her to come along. She wanted to go but needed somebody to accompany her. I excitedly said that I wanted to go too.

Then she asked me what about my kids. I said don’t worry as my hubby could take care of them. When I woke in the morning, it felt like it was so real. I was a bit confused thinking that my mom was still alive.

I never stop thinking about my mom in every second. Either I was happy or sad I always thought about her. How I wish she is still around as I have so many things to ask, share n tell about.

Mimpi ini mainan tidur dan syaitan samada baik atau buruk. There are many different opinions about the dreams. Sometimes I could see clearly my mom’s face n sometimes she was just beside me.

Whatever it is, I don’t mind having my mom in my dreams as I miss her so very much. Hanya doa dan bacaan yasin dapat kuberikan pada arwah ibuku. Semoga roh mama dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dalam golongan orang2 solehah.

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