Sunday, 18 April 2010

Princess Fatini Birthday Party

Today is my niece, Fatini’s birthday party. This time she is having her party at home. Since couple weeks my SIL had been busy organizing the party for her princess.

The theme for the party was “Princess”. So again this year Nabila dressed up as a princess.

The party started at 10am n guests arrived mostly on time including me.. Huh.. I prepared a few dishes n started cooking as early as 6.30am pun dtg lewat…

The kids were entertained by Ejik the magician. The show was good n all the children loved it.

The party ended at noon n Fatini the happy birthday girl couldn’t wait to open all the presents.

Happy Birthday Fatini. To my SIL, the party was a success. I bet all the kids including parents enjoyed their Sunday.


Mum and Roses said...

Thank your dear. Thank you for the help and especially excellent delicious cooking, habis licin.

Anonymous said...

omgod, the most gorgeous girl is actually the lil one, my HUDA!!!!!!!!!!!


benilhalk said...

Happy to know about this birthday party and hope you enjoyed there. Couple of weeks ago, I arranged a birthday party of my best friend’s daughter at one of lovely venues in Chicago. Invited all my friends and had great time there.