Thursday, 8 April 2010

A Day at Genting Highland

Yesterday the whole day we were at Genting Highland. My children are still having their school holiday. They were nagging us to go somewhere, so me & hubby decided to take them to Genting Highland. The last time I was up there probably was 10 years ago. I went there with my parents n brothers.

Lots of things had changed. There are more games n more shops up there. I hardly recognized the indoor part which they had restructured the place.

This was the first time for Nabila & Hakeem. They had no idea at all how the place looks like. They thought it was an island as all this while we used to bring them to the island for holiday. At first we plan to park the car at the Awana n take the cable car up there but then plan changed n drove the way up.

There were not many people as it was on weekday. So it really the best time for all of us. The kids got to play the rides as many times as they like. Hakeem who at first looked so scared riding the spinner enjoyed it on the second ride n even asked for more.

I n hubby were so panicked n regretted so much let him played. But then when saw him jumped down running happily after finished we were so relieved. They loved the dragon roller coaster too. I joined the first ride but for the next six rides, Nadira n my maid jadi mangsa to accompanied them.

Nabila n Hakeem got upset as they couldn’t play some of the rides as it is for adults. Nadira played the flying coaster which looked so scary to me. She said it was not fun as she was alone without other sisters.. so again our maid jadi mangsa. But we all know that she enjoyed it too!

The park closed at 7pm. If it’s still opened I guessed the kids wouldn’t want to go back home. On the way down back to KL they already fell asleep.

This morning when they woke up, the main topic was the Genting Highland. They want to go again n I said wait till both of u reach 122cm so that they can play other rides too.


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Salaam, do u hv email?
I jst want to know berapa bayaran masuk ke genting highland?
akak pegi sana pakai apa ye?