Monday, 25 January 2010

Kaki Wayang

I am not really a kaki wayang. But if anybody ask me to go for a movie I will not hesitate. My type of movie must be yg meringankan minda, fun to watch – I don’t mind romantic (kekadang nak jiwang2 gak) but no no horror or cita hantu (sure terkenang berhari2).

I am also like to watch malay movie. I am probably one of those yg masih menyokong perfileman industri kita. Kalau Yusuf Haslam tau sure terharu.. hehehehe. Anyway to get a partner to watch this malay movie is quite tough time for me. I know hubby don’t mind to accompany me but to get his free time is another story.

Friends? Hmm…. My kaki wayang partner all prefer to watch English movie. I will normally watch movie with my girlfriends (moms at school) after send our kids to school. There was one time I watched New Moon. I never watch/read or have any clue about the previous sequence movie - Twillight. It was a nice movie though I was lost a bit. Excited jap nengok the handsome beautiful vampire.

Last Saturday we went back to Malacca. My daughter was talking about Adnan Sempit. I was actually planned to watch it with hubby. On Saturday night we went to watch it. Huh.. memang kelakar gila. This is not like lawak scenario yg mmg dah tak lawak but very selamba lawak n worth to watch. Rasa mcm nak nengok sekali lagi.. hahahahaha

Recently the current movie showings now are mostly horror/ghost. Probably I will get my girlfriends to watch Tooth Fairy – The Rock.

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