Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Memories of My Mom

My aunty from Kedah was here since last five days. I was busy accompanying her shopped n browsed around things needed for my cousin’s coming wedding. Last night while we were having dinner one of the topics that were talked was about my late mother.

When it comes talking about my mom, it is always be our favorite. Each of us will pour out every single moments n memories that we had with her. Some were funny that all of us will laugh n some were so touching n sad that made of us stared each other.

It started last night when my aunty remembered very well that every time when she was having dinner outside, she will bring my mom. My mom loved to follow my aunty everywhere she went. The funny part she didn’t really eat n order anything but liked to have n taste bit here n there from what others ordered.

Then my cousin said that if they were to ask my mom to pick them up from school, they have to spare some money to buy for her teh ais n goreng pisang. When she was sick she always requested to eat food which she was not supposed to. I remembered when we were eating kuetiaw sup or pizza she really wanted to eat n I insisted her not to.

I was being so protective n scared that the food might do something bad to my mom. Then we would have an argument n she would irritate me which at the end I would say something that I regretted. When come to think about this I always feel guilty which if I know.. I would just let her eat anything what she wanted to have.

My mom also didn’t want to be left out n wanted to follow us everywhere we go. Be it holiday to somewhere, window shopping or even ronda-ronda. When at the Mall if she was tired she would just sit at the bench n waited for us to finish our shopping.

There was one time when I brought her to One Utama n I was looking at the high heels shoes n she asked me to buy. I said the shoes was bit expensive n I didn’t want to waste money on it. She insisted said that I should buy it if I really want. I should look beautiful n presentable n after my hardworking, I deserved it.

And because of what she said without hesitation I bought the shoes. Isn’t my mom cool? She indeed was the sporting n cool mom. If I were to tell more, I can never stop telling all about my mom. Only God knows how much I miss her. Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I just miss her so much. I just wish that I could spend more time with her. I wish she could see my two younger children n I am very sure she will be proud of them.


Rina NAR said...

hi kak. slm perkenalan. Just wanna tell u that i enjoyed reading ur blog so much, i've been 1 of ur silent reader for the past 1 yr ;)..anyways feel free to drop by at

Vogue Mom said...

really.. tq rina.. i am sure will visit your blog too.