Friday, 15 January 2010

Take For Granted

Last week while I was looking n assisting Nabila n Hakeem doing homework, Nabila told me that the teacher said she should read her reading book together with me.

Reading in my children’s school can be called as one of the subject. It has been strongly emphasized to all the students. From the early years they will bring back the reading book to read n practice at home. As for my children’s school the books are from Oxford Reading Tree that comes with different levels.

Back to Nabila story, I told her that I know that n asked whether her class teacher asked her about it. I mean if she ask whether your mom read with you or not. She said the teacher didn’t ask but she told the teacher that she read the book by herself.

Panicked, I said what did u tell your teacher, she said “my mom is busy cooking n using computer n she has no time to read with me” Aduh… it was like I’ve been slapped on my face. In a very polite n pleasant tone of voice I asked why u told that to your teacher.

Innocently she said the teacher told everybody that no matter how busy your mom is, she should spend 10 minutes to read the book with me. OK… I was a bit relieved that I am not the only mom doing this but then Nabila said “Mommy I think u should read with me like the teacher said”

OK.. I know I sound like the so irresponsible mom but don’t judge me wrong. Nabila has started reading since she was 4 years old. She loves to read book. Reading has been part of her routine in her life. It’s not something that I have to force her to do. Seeing her reading is a norm thing in the family.

The kinds of books that she’s been reading are way above her level. Sometimes I have to stop her buying books coz every new book that she got she will kept reading n finished it in a short time.

As for the book that she usually brought home from school, normally has been read before reach home – probably during break or in the car on the way back home. Every night I will check her folder an organizer then initial for the book that she brought home as I am sure that she has read the book.

So it seems that I have done my part here as I know that she doesn’t need any guidance when it comes to reading. But I probably overlooked n took for granted in this matter with Nabila. I should take seriously why the school ask parents to read together with the child.

Perhaps in Nabila case, she doesn’t need at all for me to guide her in reading. She could understand the whole story. But being with her, listening to her reading will make her feel that I care n listen to her. Nabila will feel that I am doing like her following the rules n instructions from teacher/school.

I actually did this long time before when she started learning how to read. I even read books during their bedtime. I stopped doing all this since the day she knows n understand what she is reading. Since last week I have started back listening to her reading n discuss about the story at the end of her reading.

Lesson learned: never overlook n take for granted things that I feel my children already know about it.

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