Tuesday, 19 January 2010

You Kiss.. You Pay?

This morning I went out earlier to avoid jam coz it was raining. My prediction was wrong coz the traffic was still bad perhaps due to the rain. It was bumper to bumper after the Bukit Jelutong toll. For those who have been using this road they will know how bad the traffic is. We suffer from the 6 lanes of tolls to squeeze in to the 2 lanes of road divert to North/South.

Anyway while moving very very slow bumper to bumper I’ve noticed one car far behind me flashing light duk cucuk cucuk driving so close to the car in front. I saw it n told myself in this kind of traffic nobody could go anywhere except just have to face it.

Then I noticed the car was beside me n tried to overtake the car behind me. I knew it was impossible but this stubborn selfish driver kept forcing himself in a way to tell the car behind me to give him way. Next I felt my car being rammed n heard the sound of it.

Shit.. Seriously I hate if this happen to me at this hour but I confident that my car was being hit. I wind down the window n wave at the driver to tell that he hit my car. At that time I couldn’t see the driver’s face as it was still raining but I know there were 3 people inside the car.

I signal to pull aside n wave the driver to do so. Why I did this because I didn’t want to cause more jam. Dah jadi mcm ni pun masih lagi nak consider org lain! After I drove a few meters I saw the driver got down from the car.

I got down too n before I could say anything he shouted at me “Mana saya ada langgar kereta you?” My god.. I was so scared to death. He shouted so loud n muka dah ah mcm ganster with his big necklace around his neck.

I said “You langgar kereta saya n I heard the sound”. He then came n look at the car n said “Mana ada kemik? Ada kemik?” Kurang ajar betul mamat cina ni.. Dah ah langgar kereta aku ni berlagak mcm tak buat salah!! I looked at the car which at that point I didn’t really actually look because was scared he might hit or do something to me. Furthermore I have my kids in the car.

I just looked at his face n the plate number n walked off, locked my car n drove ahead. I still saw him standing there saying something with his hand pointing here n there. Then I saw him still driving fast cucuk cucuk car in front of him. I was trembling frightened n called hubby. I was imagined that he wanted to chase me n do something bad to me.

I was calmed n back to myself after 10 minutes. Thank god we are safe. There was a small cracked after I checked my car thoroughly. This maniac was driving a red old Mercedes – BDU 3288. Probably it is a trend now if you hit people’s car you have to act like other party did that. Perhaps I am a lady driver that man can do, shout anything they want.

If I can camouflage myself just now to be as the same person as him baru buku bertemu ruas. Maybe today he could get away but one day he will get his turn.

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Mum and Roses said...

Buat je report police... jgn bagi muka....