Sunday, 5 September 2010

Tidur Malamku Lena Kembali...

Finally I can have a comfort sleep at night and wake up in the morning without to worry about my kek lapis. Yesterday was the last day for me and my assistant spent time in front of the oven baking cakes. I still have a few batches for delivery but thank God I am so relief that I managed to bake n deliver on time.

This year was quite tough for me. First of all hubby was not around to assist me. This is actually my 2nd year started doing this small home base kek lapis business. Last year he helped me to send kids to school and also made deliveries. I just stay at home concentrating on baking and cooking.

This year I was like lipas kudung running here and there breathless. In the morning after sahur started baking then sent kids to school, came back continued and at the same time cooked for iftar. In the afternoon fetched them back from school then continued baking. It was like that my routine every day until yesterday.

God.. I sometimes broke down and felt like to cry. I asked myself, is this all what I want? Dah ah mula emo lepas tu.. *sob sob*.. At night the moment I put head on my pillow, I just dozed off tiredly. But then.. when comes to the end, all the effort and sweat were really worth it. The order this year was not as many like last year but it is still good and I am happy. I didn’t do lots of promotions or advertise anywhere.

Mostly ordered were from my regular and from mouth to mouth. I guess I am just not ready to go all out because I still believe and want people to eat my kek lapis and feel like it’s a homemade cake. Not like the one you could just buy anywhere in the shopping area or pasar malam.

I could never do all these alone of course and therefore I would like to thank especially hubby who always support me dari jauh. To my maid, daughters, cousins, relatives, SIL, MIL and friends that always have faith on me. Thank you again and now bole focus nak raya pulak!!

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