Friday, 17 September 2010

My First Raya Guest

Today I got my first guest for Raya. This year we don’t do any Raya open house as hubby is not around. My friend Oja and her family came to beraya as she will be going back to Doha soon.

I planned to go to the market in the morning but it was quite heavy rain since early morning. I thought of waiting till the rain stop but till 8am, there was no sign at all that it’s gonna stop. So redah je lah dalam hujan gi market.

As requested by dear Oja, I made for her Mee Udang. My first attempt actually and it turned out not bad. Huh.. bertambah makan semua. Beside that I also made Rendang Ayam Kampung Negeri Sembilan to eat with ketupat.

After the meal we continued with juicy gossiping session over tea n kuih raya.. There were lots of things to talk about especially the moments we had together during our stay in Oman.

The children of course though they had not met for so long, the bonding is still there. They were so happy playing together. I hope to see them again. Well maybe next year or probably soon.

Thanks for coming Oja. Have a save journey back to Qatar.

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Merryn said...

Selamat Hari Raya :D