Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Duit Raya For JPJ

I received this love letter from JPJ two weeks before Ramadhan. Before that hubby received the same summon, same place except different car and date. Thru hubby’s experience I more or less prepared what to expect during my meeting with the JPJ officer.

This morning I went to the Bangi JPJ. I took the number and waited to be called. Once my number appeared on the screen I was asked to go to the ‘BILIK TEMUSIASAT’. I waited and after 10 minutes the officer came with some documents.

First she rectified my I/C and license. The she showed me the printed picture of my car and asked whether it was my car. Of course I said YES. Then she asked whether the summon was mine and I have receive it? – i didn’t know why she asked that. If I didn’t receive the summon, I wouldn’t be here obviously. So layan je lah…

I was supposed to pay RM300 but because I settled before the dateline I got 30% discount which amounted RM210. Huh… terbang lagi duit… I was not the only one yang kena saman, mostly parents at my children’s school got too.

The traffic light had just been installed months ago. That area is not really a busy road. Normally when there was no car coming from the right, we just turned left regardless the light Red or Green. I told this to the officers and they were aware about this.

They asked me and other road users to lodge complaints to Perbadanan Putrajaya about this matter. The JPJ themselves had raised this matter. Ye lah.. tak kuasa lah pulak nak tulis surat kat Perbadanan Putrajaya pasal ni.. Yang JPJ pun dah tau.. why they have to issue summon? Saja je..

It is true actually. Some roads and signs in Putrajaya are so misleading and abnormal. Like a long stretch of lane, suddenly there is a STOP sign because there is a junction at your right side. So weird.. If you were to drive from the beginning of the road – 200m, would you stop to let car from your right to come in? Its not a T-junction though.

Anyway…. Today gone my duit raya.. Ye lah.. duit raya untuk kerajaan!

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