Monday, 20 September 2010

When He Tells Me To Go.....

HE – is my ‘grown up’ boy Hakeem. This morning after hugged and kissed him he told me – “Mommy.. It’s ok. You don’t have to walk with me to the canteen. I can go by myself. You can go home now” Wargghhhh.. it broke my heart when he said that.

I asked him why? Why don’t you let me walk with you? Hakeem answered “It’s ok.. You just go. I will be fine – with his hand waving me off” I would normally accompany him to the canteen after he dropped off his bag at the class. After seeing him happily running meeting his friends then only I went home.

That was the routine all these while. Somehow this morning he just wanted me to go home instead. Months ago he won’t let me kissed and hugged him too long in front of his friends. I sometimes loved to kiss and carry him up. There was one day he suddenly made himself stood like a statue not allowing me to carry him up at all.

He whispered telling me that he is a big boy and I shouldn’t do that in front of the girls, especially! OK.. ok.. my boy is telling me something.. J Hubby and my elder daughters always disapprove towards my behavior of which sometimes I treated Hakeem like a baby. Gosh.. I just couldn’t help it. He is so adorable that I always wanted to hug and kiss him.

He is going to be 7 years old and I guess I have to accept the fact that he is a big boy now. At the same time I always reminding him that he has to always love me and me.. Hehehhehehe.. For now he always tell me “Mommy.. If I am big and old like Ayah, I will still love you. You are the only girl that I love in my life”

Owhh… It melts my heart. Hakeem is so sweet as he always say nice things about me. I HOPE he really mean it!! Satgi dah besar dapat girlfriend lupa pulak mommy dia..

As for now I hope he will still allow me to kiss and hug him at school.

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