Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Security Guard

I guess everybody have encounter at least once in their life time having bad experience with the security guard. I had countless experience with the security guard that acts like they are ruling the country.

At my children’s school, they implemented the rules that only parents, guardians, nannies or drivers with the tag are allowed to enter the school area. We have to pick up the children at the canteen or classes.

I’ve seen situations where sometimes parents forgot their tag n had to walk back to the car to get it. Some of them won’t be allowed to enter at all. Some of them even got thru without tag. This I noticed happened when certain security guards were on duty.

I am not trying to be racist here but whenever this one kaum be a security guard, his power n kuasa mengalahkan ASP moreover if they have whistle in their hands. Non-stop nak tiup.. Two days ago Nadira followed me to sent Nabila, Hakeem to school. Of course she has no tag n at the entrance this particular guard didn’t allow her to go in. I said she’s my daughter n of course I only have one tag. He said “No.. tengok tu arahan tak boleh masuk tanpa tag” I then told Nadira to wait outside.

Today again she followed me to school. She needed to go to the toilet badly n I asked her to get the visitor tag from the guard house while I went inside to fetch Nabila, Hakeem. Unfortunately for us the same guard was on duty there asked for her I.C. She said it’s in the car n it's parked far n she needed to go to the toilet badly. I am sure the guard recognized her.

She went back to the entrance n shouted calling me. There was another guard there n I asked to let her in as she needed to go to the toilet badly. He strictly said cannot n asked to go to the toilet which at the end of the building. Ok fine I said… wait till I fetch my two children n I’ll give him sepatah dua kata.

Once out from the gate I said “Encik… tadi dalam tu saya selisih dgn 3 org tak pakai tag. Kenapa encik kasi mereka masuk? Anak saya nak terkencing sakit perut sangat2 tak kasi masuk? Kenapa? Is it because mereka orang putih? Kalau orang putih tak pakai tag bole masuk.. kasi lepas. Anak saya nak terkencing, terberak tak kasi masuk

He was clueless a few seconds n then said those org putih takde otak tak paham2 kena pakai tag. Then I said pasal takde otak u kasi mereka masuk? He then babbling about the rules which I don’t even understand what he was trying to tell. At the end what I hear was he asked me to lodge the complain to the office. I said YES. Definitely I will make a report about this to the school. If u want to be strict, do it to everybody regardless who they are.

Everybody is equal in this school. Be it you are the child of chief judge or maybe minister or any big tycoon, we should be treated equally. I pay the same amount of money as them to put my children in this school.

This is just one of many incidents that I have faced with the security guard. I cannot deny that there are who are very nice. Mostly yg gila kuasa, from satu kaum ni.. yg always lebih2 like they own the place. I live in a gated residential area with fully tight security. The guards here are from Nepal who is very nice n polite.

Sadly the one that sometimes rude n lebih2 are local n orang2 tua. I understand they are doing their job. They have to face with lots of different situations. As for me.. mmg lah geram n bengang sangat kalau dapat pakcik guard yg lebih2 ni…

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