Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Welcome Home

Faizah has safely arrived on last Saturday. All of us were so happy to see her. The moment she inside the car she requested to eat at mamak restaurant – where else the infamous Rafi near our house.. Memang nak kena mamak gak.. hehehehhee..

Later on was the exchange gift session. Faizah bought for everybody gifts n souvenirs. It is so thoughtful of her n all of us were so excited receiving it. Faizah also got her birthday presents from us.

The next morning the eating marathon still continued for our homecoming lady.. We went to Pasar Pagi Shah Alam near the stadium. We had our breakfast there then walked n browsed around. In the afternoon I cooked her favorite nasi daging n cheese cake.

In the afternoon Faizah followed my MIL back to Malacca. She will be back for our holiday trip this weekend. Welcome home my dear n enjoy your time here. Bab makan tu bawa bertenang k.. hehehehhe..

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