Thursday, 3 December 2009

Another Birthday Party

Today Hakeem had his birthday party at school. His birthday is actually on 28th Dec. Last year he didn’t do it at school coz his birthday always falls during school holiday. So this year we decided to do it earlier.

Hakeem was very excited n really looking forward last night. As planned, this afternoon I brought cupcakes, drinks n party packs for his classmates. The party started with a statue dance which all the kids were so excited about. Then they sang a birthday song to Hakeem in various kind of languages.

Hakeem a proud boy, sitting on the chair with a big smile on his face. When asked he said “I am 5 years old”. Well.. technically he is right as he is going to be 6 years old on this coming 28th Dec. I told him u can tell people that u are 6 years old now. But he insists that he is still 5 years old until 28th Dec.. ok.. ok.. Hakeem.. :)

Anyway.. the kids love the cuppies that I baked. Hakeem is also a happy boy today. I have three December babies.. There will be party n more party coming this month..

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