Saturday, 26 December 2009

More Activities in Penang

Our second day in Penang continued with more activities. We woke up early in the morning had our breakfast n made our trip to the famous Bukit Bendara. The last time I was there probably during my primary school day. When we reached close to the hill, the road was packed with cars n buses. It is a school holiday n this was what we should expect.

We went around a few times looking for a parking n gave up at the end. I couldn’t see any proper parking area there. All the cars parked either along the street or in front of people’s house. Sadly this has to be looked seriously by the authority as the attractions area should be convenient for the people to visit.

We then decided to go to the Toy Museum. I’ve read a lot about this in the internet. Well… it was fascinating to see all kind of toys; I mean lots hundreds of toys. Hakeem was so amazed to see his favorite toys there.

Somehow the place to me has not been taken care well. The toys were all dusty n some fell down n not being arranged back properly. The floor, interior looked dirty n not appealing at all. For the price of RM10 per person to me is too much for that kind of place. These people are really making money out of this.

We then had our lunch at the famous Nasi Padang at the Transfer Road. We headed back to the hotel after that n the children continued with their pool n beach activities. Today the girls had the second time of parachute sailing. This time they said it was more fun as they knew what to do..

At night we drove down to Gurney n had our dinner there. We ended our night with the long hours of karaoke.

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