Monday, 7 December 2009

My Busy Weekend

I was so occupied n busy with lots of functions during my recent weekend. In fact there were lots activities need to be attended at my children’s school in the whole stretch of last week.

End of the year is always the favourite time for wedding ceremony. We got a few intivations from friends n relatives since November. Terasa mcm org2 tua pula org jemput ke kenduri.. ahaks.. My dad came down from Alor Setar to attend my cousin’s wedding.

The akad nikah was held on Friday evening at one of the mosque in Putrajaya. It followed by kenduri on Saturday which also was held at Putrajaya - Taman Wetland. It was a beautiful garden wedding with nice traditional Negeri Sembilan foods. The weather was nice too, no rain n the sun shined brightly.

On Sunday we drove down to Malacca to attend my hubby’s cousin wedding. We left the kids at home as I’ve planned for them another activity in the evening. In the evening at 4.30 I brought the kids to attend their cousin’s concert (Fatini, Emir) which held at Muzium Negara.

They were looking forward for this occasion. We arrived a bit late but just enough time not to miss the first show. Fatini looked so fabulous with her colourful costumes. She danced, smiled n performed confident happily on the stage. Well done Fatini. You are the superstar!

As for the little Emir I hardly recognized him on the stage after the ‘make over’. He looked so grown up n handsome with the spiky hair. As just like Hakeem, Emir loves the microphone so much! All we could here was only his voice among others.

Nabila n Hakeem enjoyed the show very much. That’s how my weekend goes. This week I have more party n concert at my children’s school. There is another week to go before their end of term…

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Mum and Roses said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to attend. Fatini was so happy Nabilah and Hakeem attended her show.