Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Duit Raya

My hubby gave me ‘duit raya’ before he left to Khazaks. When I got it, I told myself I wanted to buy something for myself. Something that only I can use n enjoy it. Sounds selfish ah.. hehehhe.. I had a few things in the list but with the limited budget, I have to really plan. Cewah… mcm nak buat investment besar je!!

I was aiming to buy a designer handbag. But seems the one that I like all are damn expensive, so I just KIV n berangan je lah.. I was thinking then why not buying a new hand phone! I am currently using an Apple Iphone. I will never want to change it but because the phone is not really ‘phone-friendly’, I then started to browse for other options.

The phone of course looks sleek n cool but because of the limited functionality that sometimes drove me crazy. I have to install a 3rd party applications for some basic phone functions like – sms forwarding, copy contacts frm sim card. I can’t bluetooth, send mms. Everything has to be by Apple software.

One thing good that I can say about Iphone is the web browsing part. I can browse multiple web pages at one time. The speed n resolution is good. Other than that, sorry Iphone.. nothing much to be proud of.

So today I finally said good bye to my Iphone. I sold it off n got myself a normal conventional hand phone. But alang-alang nak membeli.. I got myself yang canggih sikit2 lah.. I bought Nokia E series. Don’t worry hubby, not the one like u but yang sewaktu dengannya. I can still be able to browse internet on the move n of course those extra functions that Iphone can’t do.

The best part was I just had to add up only RM300 n I still have some amount of duit raya left to spend.

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vougEBratzy said...

ohhh, x tunjuk pon aritu...