Sunday, 26 October 2008

Memory Lane

Last Friday I met my good friend that I’ve not met for 7 years. She was my buddy n sis while I was working in one of the IT Company in PJ. The last time I talked to her when I called crying informing her that my mom had passed away. Actually since I came back here, I didn’t make a point to call my friends.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten them, it’s just time not permitted me to do so. Most of my friends are all career woman compare to me. So tak nak ah kacau mereka ini semua. But whenever I passed by the places n spots that I used to hang up with them it reminded me so much about them.

My buddy that I met recently who I call Kak Ija is now a branch manager at the Bank in Ipoh. She came here for a short course n met my cousin. That’s where she got my number. I drove down to Bangi to meet her. I was so happy n delighted to see her. We were talking breathless non stop updating each other.

Unfortunately we could only spend time together for an hour as both of us had other things to catch up. Though it was only short a while, I am totally grateful that I met her. This meeting won’t be the last as we promised to meet again more often the next time.

Yesterday I also met a person that I’ve not met since the day my mom passed away. She is my mom’s good friend who is also close to me. I met her at my friend’s house who I met during my recent Umrah. What a small world as my friend, Fauziah also knew n close to my mom’s friend.

When I met n hugged Aunty Tahrah tears were in my eyes as she reminded me lots of my mom. I used to see both of them together. There seem so many things to catch up between both of us. I got to know from her my mom’s friends whereabouts. I am also glad that she still look beautiful as ever n still healthy.

I feel so happy n delighted that I had the opportunity to meet both of them. After so long, when u had lost contact n not seeing your friends the pleasure of seeing them is so tremendous. That reminds how far n old u have been n how sweet n nostalgic the memories those days.

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