Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Careless of Me!

This is the first time happened in my life. I didn’t know how it happened but I was all the time alone n surely it’s me who was careless n to be blamed. This afternoon before fetching my kids from school, I went to Alamanda, Putrajaya to do some groceries. My dad is coming this evening n I wanted to cook something special for him.

After paid my stuffs, I went to the counter to validate my parking ticket for 2 hours free parking. Then I walked to my car with my right hand full with 5 groceries bags n my left hand holding receipt n parking ticket. I put my stuffs in the boot, close it n then only I realized I didn’t have my parking ticket with me.

I searched again in the boot n even in all the plastic bags, in my handbag but still couldn’t find it. At that point I was still cool n calm. I went back inside to look for the missing ticket. I went thru the same way I came out n even asked the security guard at the Carrefour. Still not satisfied, I went again to my car n did another checking.

And at this time, I had already worried n could feel the heat n sweat gushed on my face. I got angry with myself. I was holding it n saw it dangling in front of my eyes but then it suddenly went missing. If I were to drop it, why is it nobody who was behind me or passing by noticing n informing me? Still nak cari salah orang lain!

I then decided to just go to the parking ticket office. I informed the person in charge of my lost ticket n he asked me to give the I/C. I filled up the form n paid RM25 n it’s all settled. That simple n it took me only 5 minutes. But, instead I got 2 hours parking free I had to pay RM25.

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