Friday, 24 October 2008

Star Of The Week - Hakeem

At last, today Hakeem had been selected to be the star of the week. I was at the assembly today watching the ceremony. When the teacher announced his name I saw that he was quite surprised but at the same time looked very excited. He jumped up from the sit n said – Hakeem? Is it me? very loudly that everybody could hear that.

He had been chosen because: You have been very obedient, a great helper, you listened to your teachers and your writing and counting was very neat.

Every Friday when the teacher announced his classmates to be Star of the week, he complained that he didn’t get it. He said he had been waiting for so long n still his turn not yet to come. He said his brain told him to be patient n he is tired of waiting. Hehehehehhe..

And today, he is the luckiest boy on earth! He’s been holding the certificate all the time until he fell asleep on the way back home. I had to carry him out from the car n he is still continue sleeping till now. I am sure he will wake up early tomorrow with a full stories of his dream n being star of the week.

Well done Hakeem. Mommy is so happy for u.

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