Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Organizing A Birthday Party

Planning or organizing a party, gathering or kenduri will never be an easy task. Be it either months or weeks before or last minute, the pressure is still the same. As for me I take this as a challenging task. It’s something that I actually love doing it.

I don’t remember exactly when was my first party or kenduri organized by me, but I am sure it was when I was still young n single. Since I was small I used to see my mom, dad received guests at our home. My mom normally cooked all the foods. She prepared everything from scratch. I guessed that was how I got all the influence n inspiration how to organize an event.

I am very lucky that hubby has the same interest with me, we love to call out friends or relatives just to lepak2 at our home. Then I would love to experiment n venture with my new recipes. As for this kind of function, not much hassle to me. I just have to make sure there will be enough foods on the table laid up properly nicely for the guest. To me the presentation is the key.

You don’t have to have an expensive or branded tea set/table ware or probably nice beautiful laces table cloth, it would be appealing if you could just laid up everything in style. I have been practising this since the first day I organized an event. I don’t only do this to my guest but also to my family as well.

As for a birthday party, I’ve been doing this every year to all my children. No matter what, I want my children to celebrate this special moment with the family or friends. I normally do it at home. I’ve stop buying birthday cake for my children probably 6 years ago. They want me to bake the cake for their birthday.

If I were to make a party for them, I have to zoom in whether the party is just for the parents to meet n chat or it is solely for the kids to enjoy. When I was staying abroad having a birthday party at the restaurant or party place was not cheap. Even here in KL/Selangor is not cheap either. I’ve checked around the average cost around RM50 per child. This is including foods n entertainments.

The bottom line is the budget. If I were to invite 30 children then I have to spend RM1500. What if some parents might want to stay then I have to prepare the adult foods too. Then probably some of the children bringing their siblings, the number of children will be increased. Some party place they limit to certain number of children.

This is why the recent birthday party for Nabila, I did it at home. I’ve started planning 2 weeks before the event. This was the first time she invited her classmates to her party. On my list I have 30 children which at the end turned up 38! I preferred to cook all the foods including birthday cake. As for the entertainment I found one good magician n clown with reasonable affordable price.

The children loved the magic show which was very entertaining plus the clown who was non sop mingled around sculpturing the balloons. I then had one photographer to take all the pictures. Trust me it’s good to have one as you will never have time to snap all the pictures. For the first time ever, I didn’t have a camera in my hand for this kind of event.

The children were totally enjoying themselves including the parents! They went back smiling with each of them carrying a party pack. Yes.. party pack is very important. The children won’t leave till they get the party pack.

All the foods finished. Believe it or not I spent less then RM1500! I have around 40 kids and 20 adults that came to the party.

To me the party was the successful event. Though there were hiccups here n there but as an amateur me n the *team managed to overcome it.

So anybody interested to have a function or birthday party.. jgn segan2 to call me.. :) harga boleh dirunding…. ahaks...

*the team consists of 4 energetic ladies with full of inspired inspirations. thanks girls..

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