Saturday, 21 November 2009

Nabila's Birthday Party

Today as planned we organized a birthday party for Nabila. The party started at 3.00pm. Alhamdullilah all went well as planned. I always wanted to have a party for her which she can invite all her classmates. Normally we make a party invited only her cousins. This time around I told her she can invite all her friends including cousins.

Her theme party today was a ROCK STAR party. She chose the theme by herself.. dah besar ah anak dara ni sorang.. Those who turned up were so sporting dressed up like a rock star with the spiky hair, glittery outfit n accessories.

Organizing a birthday party at home will never be easy (which I’m going to write in my next post). Since this party has more kids compare to adults, I have to make sure that the kids were really enjoying themselves n well entertained.

Therefore I hired a person to entertain them, clown n magician. We also have games for the kids which they can win prizes. The party ended around 5.00pm.

I could see that all the kids were totally enjoying themselves especially the birthday girl Nabila. She was so happy to have her friends n cousins around. Tonight she definitely will have a good sleep after opening lots of presents that she got.

p/s: I will post up more party pictures after it ready.

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