Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dhaniah's Engagement Ceremony

Last Saturday was the day for Dhaniah bt Dato Ahmad, her engagement day. The ceremony was held at my aunty’s house n it was so grand n tersangat meriahnya. My father was the important person represent from the girl’s side, who did all the traditions talking stuff.

The ceremony started with upacara berbalas pantun which was so beautiful penuh adat istiadat. Then followed with the gifts (hantaran) exchanged. Dhaniah then had being called upon to sit at the lovely pelamin to receive the engagement ring from her future mother in-law.

The ceremony has being held successfully. The food was good too. I could see that my aunty n uncle were so please n delighted.

Dhaniah looked so stunning n beautiful. Congratulations Dhaniah. We all are happy for you.

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